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Tangential Vancouverism ExhibitionLEARN MORE

  • Client/Curators

    Alex Buss & Alexandra Kenyon

  • Project Type

    Exhibition, Interactive, Mobile

  • Date


  • Location

    Vancouver. BC

  • Venue

    221A Artist Run Centre

"Tangential Vancouverism: Projects for Vancouver’s Urbanism explores the potential for new 'urban extensions' to be tenably designed as vibrant constituents of city life in Vancouver."
from the Tangential Vancouverism Website
For the Tangential Vancouverism exhibition at 221A Artist Run Centre, PUBLIC examined how location-aware mobile devices can influence where and how collaboration takes place. Vancouver’s high real estate costs can pose barriers to retaining emerging talent. Space to create and collaborate is not easily found in the city and rent isn’t cheap.
We began by mapping existing pockets of innovation and searching for a ‘recipe’ for success. We found a glass ceiling. Vancouver consistently loses innovative talent to outward migration alongside a drought of small business investment.

Enter GARAGE: an application for collaboration and connection between innovators and entrepreneurs. This pocket-sized virtual tech park enables people to share their interests, ideas and current location.
Distinct from other social media, GARAGE members profile their ideas, skills, and experience. Image, text or video based ideas and interests form part of a rich but focussed user profile. Instead of ‘friends’ you build a network of potential collaborators. This proposed application enables collaboration and just-in-time consulting to happen fluidly throughout the city.

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