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    Hapa Collaborative Landscape Architects




    Richmond, BC


    2015 Canadian Regional Design Awards, BEST IN CATEGORY
    2015 Applied Arts Design Awards, Environmental Graphics

PUBLIC worked with Hapa Collaborative and the City of Richmond to enrich a simple bicycle and walking route on a former tramway line running from north to south through suburban areas. The tramline incorporated some poetic references to travel, weather and culture. The design team determined that marking the long-gone station stops would be most effective through a large-format reproduction of a 1945 tramway schedule directly on the ground surface. The historic stations along the greenway were marked, therefore, with painted typography designed with reference to the schedule which indicated specific arrivals and departures, long past. The overall effect is playful in it's oversized approach and at the same time a little bit nostalgic—the work will slowly wear away over time and become in itself a reference to the past. PUBLIC also designed a Richmond Railway Greenway identity, buttons, asphalt stamps and a wayfinding signage system with references to the nostalgic typography. Maps, arrow signs and icons direct people to contemporary destinations, with distances and connecting route information. The work is currently being installed along the route by the City of Richmond.